Doug Anderson: On Having

My dear brother Doug Anderson you are not alone there aremmay out there living the same situation, I am one like you and one of them, the solution is you nust never giveup, big support to you.

Vox Populi

After my mother died in 2001, I found myself un-layering years of accumulated expectations. One of those expectations, and what I haven’t achieved, was to have a middle-class life, get married, have children, and thus validate what she always wanted for herself. My marriage lasted eleven years. Her marriage lasted only six and she raised me by herself. My father was gone by the time I was six and was away in the Navy for most of the four previous years. My mother considered their divorce her life’s failure.

She believed that anyone who had been divorced should not be elected president, that they were somehow invalidated as human beings. Her self-hatred overflowed onto many things she wanted for me. I carried this feeling of failure for her in all my years of sexual abundance and later, serial monogamy. When she died, I began to free myself. This is how…

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